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💰In Money We Trust💰

The Beginning

Money’s bright, observant hazel lenses gazed admirably at her grandmother, Maxi, as she sifted through countless bills. The crisp hundred dollar bills swiftly passed from one manicured hand to the next. Maxi glanced at her and beamed brightly. She gently sat the money down on her desk and turned to Money.

“What's on your mind my sweet baby?” Maxi questioned with a soft countenance.

Money’s small shoulders shrugged. “Nothing. I was just watching you grandma.”

“You're watching me, huh?” Maxi smirked. “That’s good, because one day I want you to take over grandma’s empire.”

Money’s thick, bushy eyebrows crinkled. “Grandma, what's an empire?” she asked innocently.

Maxi offered a cheeky grin before she rose from the chair. She was clad in a stark white suit and gold pumps. Her coarse hair was pulled back in a neat bun, showcasing her beautiful facial bone structure. Maxi reached for Money’s hand and led her out the room. The two silently walked down a long hallway, embellished by pictures that looked as though they’d come from an art gallery.

When they approached a room at the other end of the hallway, Maxi pulled out a set keys, used one to unlock the door, and entered the room. She gently pulled Money inside and locked the door.

“I'm going to show you my empire, Money, because it’s easier to show you rather than tell you,” Maxi spoke with authority. “Besides, it’s time for you to see what’s going to make our family rich for generations to come.”

Money nodded, not sure of what was her grandmother was referring to. Maxi opened another door and ushered Money inside.

“This is grandma’s empire, baby,” Maxi announced with her arms raised in the air.

Money observed the neatly white packages that were stacked on top of each other. There were several and if she had to take a wild guess, it had to be over five hundred packages.

“What are those grandma?”

Maxi smiled before she bent down so she could be eye level with Money. “This here is cocaine, baby. This is the second most addictive drug on the planet, and this is what makes me rich.” Maxi inhaled deeply. “This will be passed down to you, Money.”

“What am I supposed to do with it?”

“You sell it,” Maxi replied firmly. “But not on the corner or in small increments. You sell it to big buyers who will purchase many packages. You will be the connect and you will supply all of St. Parklynn as well as other states. You're grandma’s protégé and I'm going to teach you everything there is to know about selling coke.”

Although Money’s ten-year-old brain couldn’t fully process what her grandmother was saying, she knew that she was being groomed to eventually take over her “empire”. She’d witnessed her grandmother dressed in supreme fashions, driving the finest cars, and living on a compound fit for a king. Money had no idea that her grandmother sold drugs for a living and even though she didn’t know the full extent of her occupation, she knew that it wasn't legal.

“But there is one thing you have to promise me,” Maxi requested, breaking Money away from her thoughts.

“What's that grandma?”

“You must never let a man into the empire. You must never fall in love and never give your heart away. Men are scum and everything they touch turns to shit. They’ll take away all of your magic and leave you high and dry. I want this empire to be operated by all women. No men are allowed, Money.”

Money’s hazel orbs wandered over to the white packages and then back to Maxi. “Why not, grandma?”

Maxi’s face immediately turned stone. “Because I said so! Men will break you down to nothing! Their only use is to get you off and reproduce. After that, you must throw them away like the trash that they are. Contrary to popular belief, men are the weaker vessels. Women thrived successfully when a man isn’t involved and that’s why I want this empire to be dominated by women only.”

Money nodded, trying to process what was being told to her.

“Do you understand my sweet baby?” Maxi asked with her smile returning.

“Yes, grandma.”

“Okay, very well. Now let’s take you to get some ice cream so I can tell you more about what will belong to you one day.”

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