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Sincerely, Me: sneak peek


“You need to get off that shit,” Mikey hissed, getting up from the bed.

“And you need to mind your business,” I shot, not in the mood to hear any of his lectures.

Mikey stood in front of me, dick dangling with the condom still on. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way. He actually wasn’t my type at all but there had been something about his personality that had drew me into him. I mean, I wasn’t in love with him or anything, but he did give me a thrill that kept me coming back for more.

“I'm serious, Solana,” he spat firmly. “You gotta get off those pills. I've noticed you’ve been taking more than usual lately.”

I kissed my teeth. “How the fuck would you know when you don’t see me every day?”

He gave me a knowing look with those big, round eyes of his. “You think I don’t know when you're high? Sometimes I look at your pictures on Instagram and can see that you're spaced out.”

A loud, dramatic sigh flowed from my lips. “Drop the subject. I don’t need to discuss any of my personal business with you anyway.”

He cocked his head. “Oh for real? So now I can’t express my concern about your health?”

“No, you can’t,” I spat. “Besides, I'm not your concern anyway. You have a wife that could use that.”

I knew that comment would piss him off and it did. He stalked away toward the bathroom like a bratty child. I chuckled and rolled over to see his phone buzzing on the nightstand. With curiosity flowing through my mind, I grabbed it and noticed the word Wife flashing across the screen. Without giving it much thought, I answered right away.


There was a delayed pause on the other end, which brought a smile to my face.

“H-hello? W-who is t-this?” she stammered.

“Who do you think it is?” I quipped, not in the mood for her stupid questions.

She scoffed. “You just won’t quit, huh?”

“Actually our man won’t quit but you're not ready for that conversation yet.”

“What kind of woman are you, huh? You're actually gloating about sleeping with a married man; a man that doesn’t belong to you. Who raised your trifling ass?”

I leaned back on the mattress, quite amused at her speech. You see, me and her had been at it for almost the entire two years I had dealt with Mikey. At first, he didn’t disclose that he was married until she called me one day and spilled the beans. Because I didn’t know, I wasn’t necessarily apologetic, especially since she was cursing me out and calling me every name but what my mother had named me. Once she let me have it, I decided to continue to deal with Mikey just to get back at her. Now I had enough self-awareness to know what I was doing was wrong, but because she had been a nasty bitch to me, I didn’t care.

“Blah, blah, blah. You should keep this energy with him, not me. I didn’t stand before your facially challenged ass and exchange vows with you. He did, so don’t come at me crazy because I don’t owe you shit.”

“In your fucked-up mind, you actually believe that, don’t you? Well, I can’t wait for karma to come back and bite your crackhead ass where it hurts.”

The mention of a crackhead pushed me to sit up. “What the fuck did you just call me?”

“You heard me,” she laughed heartily. “Oh you thought Mikey didn’t let me in on your little pill addiction. Well, we talk about everything, including your mentally fucked up, no self-esteem having ass. It gives me great joy to know that you're just a piece of ass to Mikey and nothing more.”

Fury simmered in the depth of my system as I angrily ended the call. She’d spat words to me that left me burning with rage. Typically, I possessed a carefree attitude, but certain things struck my ego, like her mentioning that I had a pill addiction. I quickly hopped from the bed and stormed to the bathroom where Mikey was.


This is a stand-alone and will be released next week.

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