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Ju & Sada 💔

Let’s jump into Ju and Sada’s characters this week…

Their relationship is so passionate even though Ju is seven years younger than Sada…

Sada likes Ju a little too much for her liking. Instead of giving him all of her, she tries to reject his help and throws his age back in his face. It’s like a reminder to herself not to take him too serious because he’s not on her “level” mentally.

Truthfully, Ju is more mature than Sada. He may be a tad bit wild but he does exhibits some self control. He keeps his word and has a good heart. Unfortunately, Ju suffers from severe abandonment issues. He doesn’t like when people leave him or try to separate themselves from him. Regrettably, Sada did just that which creates bitterness in Ju’s heart.

Their connection was so authentic to me. Sada’s resistance to take Ju serious was fun to write because Ju broke down her walls pretty quickly. Especially when she saw how much he adored her child…

Let me leave you with something to think about…

Do you think Sada is the woman for Ju?

Or would he benefit from someone within his age range and without baggage?


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