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Newest Arrival

Holy Grail

Life was ideal for Nyomi until a shocking revelation disrupts her entire existence. Not sure of how to move on, she becomes trapped in a state of devastation with no way out. After a night on the town, she’s propositioned with an interesting invitation. After hearing the terms and conditions, Nyomi declines and leaves the offer on the table. Yet, she decides one part of the deal may be something she wants to indulge in…


Hezi was bored with his mundane routine. Clubbing and satisfying his sexual desires had gotten old fast. One night at the club changed his entire outlook on life. A captivating encounter leaves him smitten and curious. She’s everything he didn’t know he needed. However, there’s one thing stopping him from enjoying her completely…

This is a complete stand-alone.

Big And


The DeMao gang is back, but this time we'll delve into the life of Dakaden "Big" DeMao. Big has everything going for himself; from being a successful business owner to being a member of his family's notorious crime operation. Things couldn't be better for Big, especially after finding true love with his girlfriend, Aimee. But when Big is forced to choose between what he wants and what he needs, he is faced with a detrimental predicament. When certain situations start to interfere with his relationship Aimee, Big contemplates doing something he said he would never do.

BAA part 2.jpg
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We Could Never Be Series

Two wounded souls connecting as one were bound to cause a natural disaster. He knew it and so did she. Yet the dangerous path they were traveling on was too tempting to stop and walk away. Like a magnet, they drew closer to each other until an explosion set ablaze, causing a wildfire of problems to arise.

The forbidden one is always the most enticing one until the aftermath blows up and provokes an array of unwanted trouble to occur...

Follow this urban mafia tale to witness the illicit bond between two people who could never be.

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Keece And


Keece DeMao was at the top of his game as the leader of his family's empire when he was sentenced to time in prison. Being in incarcerated proves to be a difficult challenge when Keece's girlfriend Riley fails to show her loyalty and support. But Keece mentally pushes Riley out his psyche and focuses on his jail time. When Keece is finally released, he has a new outlook on life. Just when Keece begins to grind his way back to the top, a special lady enters his life and shifts his focus.

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Every Trap King Needs A Trap Queen

When your back is against the wall, there is no limit to the things you’ll do. With a murder conviction looming over his head, Fonz has run out of options. He is desperate to escape his current situation, until he is presented with an idea to help get him released from prison. The only person that can help him with his present predicament is his fiancée, Stefani.

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SO16 2.jpg
SO16 3.jpg

Summer of '16 Series

What happens when you fall for the most reckless member of the DeMao clan? Asia Parish asked herself this question quite often when it came to Dinero DeMao. He’s rude and obnoxious, but Asia can’t seem to shake her feelings for him. She was always apprehensive in revealing her love for him, but when they find themselves in an unusual situation, they decide to give their relationship a try.

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My Love Is Under Arrest

He was broken beyond repair with no hope of being restored. She was wishing that she could become his remedy. What happens when love is present, but it’s only one-sided? Diar Capers had to learn that love is never easy, especially when it comes to Case DeMao. He possesses all of the characteristics that she yearns for in a man but finds it difficult attaining his attention. She desperately wants to throw in the towel and move forward, but the hold that’s on her heart permits her from doing so.

Will Diar's efforts towards her love affair with Case pay off, or will she be left distraught when she finds out that she is not the missing piece to his heart?

MLIUA 2 kindle.jpg
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DUI kindle.jpg

DUI: Drowning Under The Influence of You

Have you ever been so submerged in a person's love that you felt like you were drowning? It's almost like you're being smothered by their entire existence. Tyme was overwhelmed with trouble. Her dilemma was so dark and disheartening that she didn't know if she would be able to persevere. That is until she meets Quillon. His assertiveness and confidence is what attracts her to him. Quillon's way with words and dominating personality draws her under his spell, but she soon realizes that it's not what she expected. Quillon has always been determined to get what he wants. If his mind is fixed on it, then it's practically his. Tyme was no different but his yearning to have her has turned into a jeopardous obsession.

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A Rapper's Delight.jpg
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A Rapper's Delight

Fabian Bryant is the hottest new rapper in the game. His clever lyrics and undeniable sex appeal exalts him to the top of the charts. Fabian has everything he’s ever wanted: a successful career, a loving son and beautiful girlfriend, Fancy. He’s content with everything in his life until he spots Kylie.

MilTown's Finest

Natalya has learned that life can throw many curve balls. Since her mother never cared for her, she was forced to turn her hustle mode on, learning to become a woman at an early age. Working for Milwaukee's Kingpin Pooh wasn't a dream for Natalya, but it paid well; however, after a fateful encounter with the law - coupled with the betrayal of those closest to her - she's forced to face the reality that she could spend years behind bars...

Nissa is racked with guilt from having to choose between her freedom and her best friend, Natalya, whom she never meant to put in such a horrible situation. As if things couldn t get worse, Nissa soon falls for someone who's forbidden, someone that she feels is her true love - but she's soon faced with the grim realization that looks can often be deceiving...

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How Could You Murder US

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After one hapless night, Sade’s world seemed to crumble before her very eyes. The one person who she adored the most made a terrible mistake that prompted Sade to make a destructive, misguided decision. She felt justified for her blunder, but soon realizes that she may have caused more damage than she intended. Sade attempts to fix the shattered pieces of her life but when something disastrous occurs, she finds herself coming face to face with a secret she tried so hard to keep hidden...

You're NoT Easy To Love

Paige assumed she could have the best of both worlds. She thought that she wouldn't have to choose where her loyalty lied. When she's placed in a position that could ultimately destroy the relationships in her life, Paige finds herself with her back against the wall. Deciding between what was right and what she loved, stirred up a feud that she knew was bound to happen. Paige attempts to make peace but when something disastrous occurs, she finds herself in a situation so detrimental that it could sacrifice her entire life...

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Don't Touch My crown

We are the perfect couple, we’re just not in the perfect situation

For years, Mafia, sat in misery as she witnessed her husband, Prentice, share the very thing that was supposed to be reserved for her. He was numb to her heartache and Mafia was simply exhausted. She had squandered every ounce of energy to fight for her marriage, but she quickly realized that her effort was in vain. Mafia is undecided if she should continue her union with Prentice but when an old flame re-emerges, chaos arises. She’s torn on if she should continue to be a loyal wife, or take a chance on something that’s considered sinful. When she discovers a harmful secret her husband has been harboring, Mafia finds herself in a treacherous situation.

Will Mafia ever put herself first and open her heart again or will she continue to settle for unhappiness?

Lies on

Your Lips

Carti and Bristol were the epitome of chaotic love. Entangled in a disorderly love affair for years, it seemed to work well for them. Acting on impulse, Carti and Bristol do the unthinkable. Bristol knew it was the wrong choice, but she chose to live with her decision and make the best of it.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way Carti and Bristol imagined. Mistakes made from both parties propel the couple into a space so dark, they don’t think they’ll be able to recover. Yes, they want more than anything for their relationship to work, but too much has occurred that may halt what they’re trying to force together.

***This book is a spin-off to Cold Case Love***

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Cold Case cover.jpg
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Cold Case Love

She was the perfect verse to a beautiful love song…

Puppy love is typically described as fondness that is a shallow romantic attachment with little depth, but when Dakoda has an intriguing encounter with Fame, she felt an inexplicable, pure adoration previously unknown to her. With his arrogant and impolite decorum, Fame repulsed Dakoda. As time progressed and temptation built, Dakoda relaxed her defenses against Fame’s compelling charms, allowing him into her world.


In Money We Trust

Money. Power. Respect.

Money was the ruler, a boss who was strictly about her business. She did what she wanted and made no apologies for it. She was groomed with pristine teachings by her grandma, who demanded that Money make a promise, and that promise was no love allowed.

Money had abided by that rule until a six foot two, sienna-skinned alpha entered her realm. He was demanding, assertive, and downright tempting with a style unmatched. Money’s desire for him grew wildly, prompting her to ignore the most important commandment in her life. After temptation, comes consequences and Money wasn’t prepared for the domino effect that had come with disobeying the forbidden rule.

IMWT 2.jpg
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Outta Her LEague

OHL cover.jpg
OHL 2.jpg

“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.”

When Rhyon is presented with an opportunity that can change the course of her life, she’s left stumped. Unfortunately, this chance includes a risk, and after careful consideration, Rhyon throws caution to the wind. What she didn’t anticipate was encountering Santana. An entertainment lawyer, who has a cocky personality that leaves her in a trance. He was someone that she didn’t foresee entering her world, and after experiencing the very essence of him, she can’t seem to let go. But there’s one person with her eyes on the very same prize Rhyon possesses, waiting to throw her shot.

Rhyon is at her wits end with balancing her “new life” and trying to keep up with Santana. But with new experiences comes new problems and she’s not sure if she’s capable of dealing with them on her own. She needs an outlet, but what she doesn’t expect is her new outlet causing her more stress than she could ever imagine.

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Man Down

Keemie was the villain with a shrewd attitude. No one ever understood him and he preferred it that way. He had been different from birth with the knowledge of ten men, and with his unique qualities, he had piqued the interest of a well-known businessman. With an invitation into another realm, Keemie falls head first into a world that is dangerous but compelling at the same time. He knows this new lifestyle could potentially lead to disaster but he’s in way too deep with no interest of escaping.

Pebbles craved normalcy but life had offered her everything but that. She had been placed in a strange situation during her childhood that one would consider a nightmare. Pebbles fought her way out of adversity, and attempted to live an average way of life. But her past has surfaced, prompting her to come face to face with someone she had feared since she was a child. Pebbles wants to remain strong and not fold under her exhausting circumstances, but she realizes that she may not be strong enough to withstand this battle alone.

Everything is turning out to be the exact opposite of what they both intended. Can Keemie and Pebbles conquer their dilemmas or will this become a man down situation?

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The Book of Demao

The DeMao Gang is back and this time they're plagued with more dilemmas than they ever imagined. When a tragic event occurs, the brothers find themselves devastated beyond belief. The world they’d become accustomed to has now been flipped upside down. When it’s time to stick together, the DeMao brothers find themselves divided. Its brother against brother and with the family in such disarray, they're not sure they will even be able to recover....

Sincerely Me

The guilt, the pain, and the trauma from her past. She wants it all to cease and when Sevyn enters her world, things take a completely different turn. Now she’s added this man into her life, who she doesn’t know what to do with. Will she submit to his love or will she escape what she’s never experienced? Only time will tell..

Sincerely, Me cover.jpg
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TBE 1.0.jpg

The Black Effect

If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.

Nadir wanted Amai…
Amai secretly wanted him...
Nadir came with a lifestyle that she questioned if she could handle. Amai resisted, until her current situation could no longer be tolerated. Nadir wanted her to accept him and take a chance. So, she did, and then boom... life happened.

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Kiss The Throne Series

One empire...
Three men...
The throne is at stake and the Valentine brothers are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. Their father, Domino, has decided to retire, leaving them with the chance to take over. The one issue that looms over their heads is who is the man that is qualified to run the empire. Once a certain set of rules have been set in place, the Valentine brothers find themselves in a competition that produces a series of dangerous events. Deceit corrupts the family in a manner that wasn’t seen coming and secrets are unveiled, leaving the brothers in a war against each other.

Who will be the one worthy to take the reigns and sit on the throne?

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OTR cover.jpg

On The Run

In Kanai’s eyes, love was supposed to be simple. Quay mirrored the same sentiments and once they revealed their true feelings for each other, they began to embark on a journey together. Suddenly, something they can’t quite comprehend happens, leaving them lost, confused, and most of all saddened by their new reality. Words aren’t spoken, vacancies began to settle in, and resentment occurs which causes the couple to live with unanswered concerns for years to come.

Can Kanai and Quay push through the events that rocked their world or will their love become lost forever?

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