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DUI: Drowning Under The Influence of You

Have you ever been so submerged in a person’s love that you felt like you were drowning? It’s almost like you're being smothered by their entire existence. Tyme was overwhelmed with trouble. Her dilemma was so dark and disheartening that she didn’t know if she would be able to persevere. That is until she meets Quillon. His assertiveness and confidence is what attracts her to him. Quillon’s way with words and dominating personality draws her under his spell, but she soon realizes that it’s not what she expected.

Tyme is in too deep with nowhere to turn. She figures out that Quillon’s quest to get her was all a ploy for his desired fantasy. He’s placed her in a position that is too difficult to walk away from. Tyme’s terrified that there’s no escape plan, no release under his dangerous hold. She desperately wants to walk away but she’s unknowingly opened Pandora’s Box.

Will Tyme be freed from Quillon’s deathly hold or will she fall victim to his guileful intentions?

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