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Thanksgiving with Dinero

Happy Thanksgiving Tribe!

I found this old scene with Dinero that I did some time back! Since it's still DeMao Month, I figured I'd share it with you. Enjoy!

Dinero groaned when his cell phone began to ring. It was Thanksgiving Day, but he was still sleeping since he had gotten in late. He lazily grabbed his phone and noticed that it was Rochelle calling. He ignored her call then turned back over to fall into his sleep. Minutes into his slumber, Asia tapped him on the shoulder.

“Here it’s your mama,” she said then handed him the phone.

He took the phone and put it up to his ear. “Yeah.”

“Dinero, I need you to go to the store for mama. I need some more pie crust.”

He smacked his lips. “What? I'm sleep.”

“Come on boy. I need some more crust.”

“Man call Keece or Kiyan. Shit, you can even call Big and Case,” he fussed.

“I asked your ass to do it since you're the one that requested sweet potato pie.”

“Man fuck it. I don’t even want it anymore.”

“Get your ass up and go get the shit. I didn’t peel all these damn potatoes for nothing. Now hurry up,” she hung up.

Dinero threw the phone across the bed. “Damn, think I'm fucking Mr. Belvedere around this bitch.” He walked out of the room and stood at the stop of the stair case.



“Aye, go to the store for me and get some pie crust.”

“I can’t babe. I’m making this potato salad and seafood salad.”

He groaned then walked away. Dinero brushed his teeth, washed his face and threw on some clothes. He was so irritated that his mother had woken him up to go the grocery store. She always called him for everything in his opinion. He walked down stairs and saw Asia in the kitchen with Mila in her walker.

“What does Rochelle need?” Asia asked.

“Some damn pie crust. She knows I hate the grocery store. I break out in hives every time I walked.”

Asia laughed. “Boy you need to quit.”

Dinero grabbed his keys, walked out of the house then got inside of his car. When he arrived at the store, he saw that it was jammed pack.

“Fuck,” he huffed then parked.

He got out and walked into the store. He went down the aisle for the crust. He saw a little old lady seated in a power buggy and another woman with red hair standing next to her. When the older woman turned to him, Dinero scoffed.

“This old ass bitch,” he mumbled.

When the old lady realized who he was, she gave him the meanest glare. “What the fuck you lookin’ at shit locks?”

The lady with the red hair gasped. “Ms. Rubie, that was so rude.”

“Fuck that demon. He was talking about my Timbs last time,” Ms. Rubie shot.

“And those mothafuckas are still busted. Move your ancient ass outta the way,” Dinero demanded.

“I ain't doing shit. Now wait until I'm done, punk.”

Dinero smacked his lips and reached around her. He snatched the pie crust from the shelf. Before he could turn away, Ms. Rubie ran his foot over with the power buggy.

“Oow shit. I should knock your wrinkled ass out,” Dinero threatened while hopping on one foot.

“That’s what your ugly ass gets. Next time respect your elders, fuck boy.” Ms. Rubie laughed.

Dinero glared at her then went and snatched most of her items out of her buggy.

“Hey, put my shit back!” the old lady yelled.

“Fuck you. Now ride your ass around to get more shit,” he laughed.

“Hey, don’t do that. Put it back,” the other woman requested.

“Shut up with that ugly ass red hair. Now go help her get some more shit,” Dinero snapped.

The woman took her phone out of her purse. “Don’t worry Ms. Rubie. I'm about to call Dash.”

“Yeah call him,” Ms. Rubie chimed in.

“Fuck Dash and fuck y’all. Now kiss my ass.” Dinero walked off.

He looked back and saw that Ms. Rubie was advancing toward him with the chair. He took off running down the next aisle. When he saw her run into a bin filled with sodas, he laughed hard.

“That’s what your ass gets with those old ass Timbs on!”

He walked to the self-checkout line, paid for the crust and went about his way.


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