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Lazy Sunday with Keece and Paris.

Keece and Paris laid in bed, listening to the sounds of the harsh wind against their window. It was a Sunday afternoon and neither one of them had the energy to do anything. The couple had had a busy week and was drained. Their kids were at Paris’ mother’s house and had been there all weekend.

Paris laid with her head on Keece chest while tracing his various tattoos with her finger. His hands were softly caressing her backside, causing a sweltering sensation to sneak between her legs.

“So… who’s going to go pick up the girls?” Paris asked.

Keece chuckled then looked down at her bare face. “It’s your turn.”

“How Sway?”

“Because I went last time.”

Paris rolled her eyes at him. She knew just what to say to make him go get the girls.

“That’s okay, I’ll go get them. I may stop by one of the twins’ house to hang with them for a minute.”

“Nah, that’s a’ight. I’ll go pick them up,” Keece replied quickly.

Paris grinned on the sly. “Why? It’s not a big deal, babe. I’ll go get them.”

“Nah ‘cause your ass don't know how to come home when you get with the twins. Y’all asses be everywhere and besides, I wanna see my kids.”

She giggled quietly. Keece always fell for her scheme, and she was happy that today was no different.

“So, when you first met me did you think that we would become what we are?”

He sat in thought for a moment. “Nah, when I first saw you, I really wanted to fuck you, but when I started talking to you, I wanted more. Remember your ass stop talking to me when we first met? I almost had some of my lil’ soldiers at your head,” he joked.

Paris laughed. “You used to play a lot of games when we first met. So I had to show you I was about business.”

“Yeah a’ight. Now your ass be sweatin’ me and shit.”

Paris smacked her lips and then rolled over. She reached into her nightstand and grabbed an envelope. She turned back around to Keece.

“Remember last week when you were calling me and I didn’t answer?”

Keece cut his deep brown eyes at her. “Yeah and don't remind me because I’ll be ready to slap the shit out of you. You still ain't told me where you were?”

“I know but I'm about to tell you now.”

Paris opened the envelope and pulled out some sonogram pictures. She handed them to Keece and nervously awaited his reaction. He stared at the pictures for a while before breaking into his award winning smile.

“How far along are you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I'm eight weeks and I didn’t tell you because I wasn’t sure. I kinda had a period but I wasn’t for sure.”

“Damn this crack,” he spoke excitedly. “Hopefully this is my son. I don't need no more daughters.”

“I know right. After this one, I'm not having any more kids, Keece,” she warned.

“If it’s a girl then yes you are. I'm not stopping until I get my son.”

“Yeah okay. I’ll slide an IUD in quick. Your ass wouldn’t even know it.”

He smiled at her. “I know everything about that pussy, Paris. Don't try me.”

Paris laughed and then leaned in for a kiss. Even though she had just made a threat, she would have as many babies as Keece wanted because she loved him that much.

“I love your controlling and demanding ass,” she cooed between kisses.

“I love you too. Now climb on top of this dick before I go pick the girls up.”

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