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Bad Boy Types

Hey y’all. I know I'm trying to take a break from social media, but I still want to talk with you all. Plus, I need to use my blog more. Well my week has been very productive. I'm putting a dent in DUI 2, and also getting some other things in order. My writing flow has been great so far, and I'm praying that you all will enjoy the finished product.

But I was thinking about something. I've noticed that most readers love the bad boy type of characters. You know the ones with the reckless behavior and crass attitude. The character is usually tall, with loads of tattoo and dreads (i.e. Dinero). They typically don't care how they talk to a person, and tend not to give a fuck about anything.

All I wanna know is why are we (women) attracted to bad boys? Why do the nice guys finish last? Another thing, if a man is well-mannered, and conducts himself like a gentleman, why does that turn some women off? I really think we’re crazy and don't know what we want LOL. That’s just my opinion, don't argue with me. I was just making an observation. I know that all women don't like the bad boy types, but half of the population do. What's your observation on this topic?

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