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Standalones vs. Series

So this topic has been a debate for years. Some readers enjoy standalones while others prefer series. Me personally, I love both, especially a nice lengthy standalone. But when I find a character that I love, yes, I want to spend more time with them. Now I do understand when readers say that they don't want to wait months for another installment. But, readers need to understand that writing is an art that takes a lot of time. Most writers only write when they feel inspired. It’s always a feeling, and sometimes, authors don't want to force words because if they do, then you’ll have a bunch of rushed scenes that don't make sense.

I know you guys want your series within a week LOL, but it doesn’t work that way. There are only a few authors who can produce books within a week, and I salute them because my brain doesn’t work that way. Plus, I have other priorities that take up my time. Personally, I am kinda burned out on writing series, and will be writing standalones for a while. Now there are some readers who will read a standalone and then want a part two. I guess it all depends on how the readers connect with the characters and storylines. What do you prefer? Series or standalones?

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