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Loving me will not be easy, it will be a war.

Paige assumed she could have the best of both worlds. She thought that she wouldn't have to choose where her loyalty lied. When she's placed in a position that could ultimately destroy the relationships in her life, Paige finds herself with her back against the wall. Deciding between what was right and what she loved, stirred up a feud that she knew was bound to happen. Paige attempts to make peace but when... something disastrous occurs, she finds herself in a situation so detrimental that it could sacrifice her entire life.

Cali was trapped in a marriage so damaging that it stripped her self esteem. She's had enough with the mistreatment from her husband, and finally decides to call it quits. But when her husband refuses to severs their marriage, Cali is fearful of her life. She wants to walk away but everywhere she turns, it's seems as though he's right there waiting for her. He wants the ability to continue to control her, but Cali is fed up with his antics. She attempts to flee, but finds out that she may have run into the trouble she was desperately trying escape.

Can Paige and Cali successfully manage the dilemmas in their lives, or will they become casualties in the battle of love?

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