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Sneak Peek of You're Not Easy To Love

Hours later, Bizzy sat comfortably on the couch as he played a game of Madden. The drive to the store had been a nervous one because every five minutes, he was looking out of his rearview mirror to see if the police were behind him. Even while he was at the grocery store, Bizzy was barking at people who looked at him a second too long. Even though he and Bre had talked before he went to the store, his gut was telling him that Cali had sent the police after him.

“The food will be done in a minute,” Bre announced, and took a seat next to Bizzy.

His face twisted into a scowl as she snuggled closely. “Damn you take too long to cook. My wife would've been fed me by now.”

“Well maybe you should go and ask her if she can make you some food. Oops, I forgot, she doesn’t fuck with you anymore.” She laughed hysterically.

Bizzy clenched his jaw and shot daggers at her. Before he could control himself, he combatively swung his hand across Bre’s cheek. He knew that her face was on fire because his hand was stinging from the impact.

Bre’s facial expression displayed how shocked she was. Her eyes distended as she held her cheek. For a moment, he felt guilty but that quickly diminished when he recalled what she had just said to him.

“You mothafucka,” she spat, reaching into her bra.

Bizzy swiftly grabbed her hand and twisted it with force. “Don't play with me, Bre. I’ll do more than slap the shit out of you if you think you're about to grab that knife and stab me.”

“I'm about to kill you!” she screeched. “Let me go.”

The two wrestled a bit before there was a boisterous knock at the door. Bizzy froze in terror while his eyes gingerly roamed over to the door.

“You expecting somebody?” he asked.

“Get the fuck off me,” she hissed, snatching her hand out of his grasp.

She stood up and stomped over to the door. Bizzy’s body tremored as he sat silently, trying to hear who was in the other side. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, so he stood and tip toed closer to the door.

“Here his ass goes right here and he just slapped me!” Bre yelled.

His mouth dropped when he noticed who was passing through the threshold. He tried to make a run for it

but they caught him and brutally slammed his body on the cold hardwood floor. He cursed under his breath because he knew he had fucked up royally. He looked up at Bre who held this sinister smirk on her face.

"You should've kept your hand she to yourself."

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