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Sneak Peek!

Devin’s scent flowed through her nose causing her guilt to increase drastically. Sade locked the door and placed her keys on the table when she was unexpectedly snatched by the straps of her dress and roughly pinned to the wall. Her heart thumped erratically as her limbs shook violently.

“So you’re just now coming in at this time of night? Where the fuck you been?”

Sade felt her soul leave her body as Devin’s voice echoed through the room. She was caught off guard since he was supposed to have been in Utah. The room was dark which prevented her from seeing his face, but she could feel the fury radiate from his body.

Devin forcefully pinned his forearm against her neck. “Where you been, Sade? I've been here all night waiting for your ass to come home, so you better give me some fuckin’ answers!”

“I was with Tata!” she yelled, hoping that he would believe her.

“Lie again,” he challenged.

“I'm not lying, baby. I went over her house to chill with her and ended up falling asleep.”

“You're a fuck’ liar!” he bellowed. “You were with that nigga. I ain’t fuckin’ stupid and you're not about to sit here and play me for a fool!”

“What nigga? I wasn’t with anyone Devin. You have to believe me,” she pleaded.

Devin sunk his forearm deeper into her neck, prompting her to cough.

“You're hurting me,” she gasped.

“Who is the nigga, Sade?” he asked ignoring her.

Sade had to come up with something quick because Devin’s tone was frightening her. She knew he wasn’t playing with her and she didn’t want to test his patience at a time like this.

“That was a guy I went to high school with. I gave him a friendly hug and that was it.”

Devin snatched his arm away and began to pace crazily in front of her. “Why you gotta lie to me? I try to do everything right and even when I fuck up, I show you that you're always my number one. I'm good too your ass for you to play me like a fuckin’ sucka. Why you can’t give me honesty?”

“I'm telling you the truth, Devin,” she pleaded. “I would never cheat on you. Why don't you believe me?”

He stopped right in front of her and stood in silence. “Call Tata.”

“What?” she asked.

“Call her. You said you were over there, right? Well, call and let me talk to her.”

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