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Sneak peek ❣️ Don’t Touch My Crown

Chapter One

“Open your mouth,” Mafia demanded with eyes so demented they turned black.

“Just please leave me alone,” the terrified soul before her pleaded.

“Nah fuck that. I told you if you keep fucking with my husband that I was going to come and torture your ass. You must’ve thought I was joke, so open your mouth since you can’t seem to keep Prentice’s dick out of it.”

The shaken woman timidly parted her lips with tears streaming out the corners of her eyes. Mafia shoved her burner deep inside of her mouth causing the woman to choke.

“Yeah, bitch, suck on this. Does it taste like my husband’s cum?” Mafia taunted. “You thought it was cute to sleep with a married man, right?”

The woman attempted to speak but couldn’t utter a clear word since she had a gun inside her mouth.

“Oh, I can’t hear you? Do you think it’s cute to sleep with a married man?”

The lady frantically shook her head as whimpers filled the room. Mafia’s lips formed into a curve while her hands stroked the woman’s straight tresses.

“I think I've gotten through to you now. Don't fuck with what’s mine ever again, or next time a bullet is going to shoot through the back of your head. Don't test me because I’ll do it.”

Mafia snatched the gun out of the woman’s mouth and then stood. She looked around the bedroom to make sure she didn’t forget anything before making her exit out the house. The crisp wind blanketed her face as she hurried to her car. The night time sky was opaque with only a couple stars embellishing the atmosphere. Once Mafia got inside of her vehicle, an eerie silence encompassed her. Her chest heaved up and down as she stared out of her windshield. She had been through this episode so many times that it had become a ritual in her life.

Prentice had been her everything for the last four years, but she soon realized that she didn’t hold the same weight in his life. Their marriage had been a joke to him for quite some time, and she couldn’t understand where they went wrong. Mafia transformed herself into what she thought was a good wife, but nothing seemed to stop Prentice from being unfaithful. She had fought every woman he’d been sexually linked to. She had stepped outside of her character on numerous occasions just to prove her love for him, but Mafia had come to the reality that her battle wasn’t worth fighting anymore.

Mafia swiped away a lone tear that ran down her face without warning. She hated that Prentice was turning her into someone that was foreign to her. This wasn’t her; she didn’t cry, she didn’t show any type of emotion. Instead, she fought just to prove that she wasn’t weak. She wanted to appear as if she was strong, but the truth was that her marriage was breaking her down internally.

She started the engine and then slowly pulled off. The drive to her home was a heavy one. So many emotions were running through Mafia that she had to pull over once to get herself together. She couldn’t allow Prentice to see her worked up over another infidelity of his. She had to show him that she was stronger than what he was putting her through.

Twenty minutes later, Mafia had finally pulled up to her gate. She pressed a button which granted her access. She drove to her garage and parked in her designated spot. Her feet felt like they were being held down by boulders as she trudged in the house. Prentice’s scent floated through her nose, prompting her anger to multiply.

Mafia knew that he was in the living room because the TV was blaring loudly. She followed the boisterous sound and spotted Prentice sitting on the sofa watching a Packer’s game. His doe shaped eyes looked over at her before returning his stare to the game. Prentice was handsome but his cheating ways would turn any woman away. His clean bald head and milk chocolate skin automatically gave him sex appeal. His kissable lips were surrounded by a full, dark beard that he kept groomed perfectly. Prentice’s toned arms were crafted just how Mafia liked them. There weren’t overly muscular but they did have definition. While she stood at five-foot-five, Prentice towered over her at six feet even.

“Where you been?” he asked casually.

Mafia folded her arms across her chest and leaned all of her weight on one leg. “I was checking the bitch that you’ve been cheating on me with.”

She watched him closely, hoping that he would show some type of sign that it was true but as usual, he did nothing. No eye contact, not even a lip smack to indicate that he was indeed having another affair.

“Did you hear what I just said?” she spat.

“Yeah, I heard that bullshit that came out of your mouth. I don't know why you want me to cheat on you so bad. I just don't understand.”

Mafia jerked her head back, not believing he was playing this game with her again. Every time she caught him cheating on her, he would lie and say that he wasn’t.

“Don't bullshit me, Prentice. Don't act like I'm crazy when I know the truth.”

“You are crazy!” he belted. “You do this shit every couple of months and I'm tired of you accusing me of something I didn’t do.”

“I have pictures to prove everything.”

“Let me see them then,” he challenged.

Mafia quickly pulled her phone out of her purse and went to her photos. She pulled up the pictures of Prentice and his latest lover, and then tossed the phone to him. He caught it and began to scroll through them. His facial expression was neutral as he eyed the photos. His round, dark eyes finally landed on her.

“That’s a client, Mafia.”

She shook her head with so much rage shooting through her body. “That’s a lie and you know it. Prentice, why can’t you give me honesty? I think you owe me that.”

He smirked at her and then shook his head. “You need help, baby. I told you that I would support you if you got some therapy.”

Mafia stalked over to him with her feet firmly hitting the hardwood floor. “You wanna know who needs help; it’s you. You have a good woman by your side, and you’ll rather go fuck off with random bitches for a reason unknown. Why can’t you see that you're killing me? Why don't you see that I'm the one that is in pain because of your bullshit?”

She stared at him hoping he would see the agony that resonated within her. She prayed that he would recognize the pain that was eating away at her soul.

“I think you need a vacation. Pick a place and we’ll go,” he ordered dismissively.

Mafia rolled her eyes to the ceiling and stormed upstairs. Prentice didn’t get it and that notion hurt tremendously. She was finally coming to the realization that he would never stop cheating on her. He didn’t even identify with how badly he was dismantling her feelings as well as her self-esteem. Mafia didn’t know what she should do at this point. She didn’t want to throw away four years of marriage, but at the same time, she didn’t want to keep being his fool.

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