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⌛️ Don’t Touch My Crown coming November 28th ⌛️

⌛️Coming November 28th ⏳

We are the perfect couple, we’re just not in the perfect situation ❤️

For years, Mafia, sat in misery as she witnessed her husband, Prentice, share the very thing that was supposed to be reserved for her. He was numb to her heartache and Mafia was simply exhausted. She had squandered every ounce of energy to fight for her marriage, but she quickly realized that her effort was in vain. Mafia is undecided if she should continue her union with Prentice but when an old flame re-emerges, chaos arises. She’s torn on if she should continue to be a loyal wife, or take a chance on something that’s considered sinful. When she discovers a harmful secret her husband has been harboring, Mafia finds herself in a treacherous situation.

Will Mafia ever put herself first and open her heart again or will she continue to settle for unhappiness?

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