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Chapter One

Sky clutched the phone so tightly in her hands that her knuckles turned beet red. Her body was riddled with so much heartache that her limbs trembled uncontrollably. She never anticipated being this wounded in her lifetime. Sky’s heart was officially disabled and she only had one person to thank for that.

“Sky!” Mafia yelled to get her attention.

Sky shook her head as her eyelids fluttered rapidly. “I'm sorry. What did you say?”

“I said how the fuck did your husband go and marry someone else when he’s fuckin’ married to you?”

Sky opened her mouth to respond but her speech was vacant. The emotional agony was taking over her body to the point where she was unable to form a complete sentence.

“I have to go, Mafia,” she spoke with a quivering voice.

“You know what? I'm on my way,” Mafia declared and hung up.

Sky placed her phone on the dresser as she watched her husband of two years gather most of his belongings and stuff them in his suitcase. He’d come in earlier and dropped a bomb so explosive that it rocked her entire being. With sympathetic eyes, Khan revealed that he had gotten married to another woman and was leaving Sky for her. At first, she was speechless, finding it hard to find her voice under the layers of devastation she was experiencing. But now, she needed answers as to why he would commit the vilest act against her and not be ashamed about it.

“Khan,” she spoke just above a whisper.

He turned around with compassionate dark eyes and blew out a discreet but deep breath.

“I'm sorry, Sky. I know it doesn’t seem like it but I'm truly sorry. This wasn’t the way I wanted things to go down but they did and I felt like I had to be honest with you,” he explained.

“This is a bit much don't you think. Not only were you cheating on me but you actually went and married another woman. Like what kind of person does that to someone they're supposed to be in a covenant relationship with?”

Sky felt her emotions gathering in the pit of her stomach. Her hand rested over her belly as she willed herself not to empty the tears she had been holding captive since his revelation.

“I don't know what to say,” he hunched his shoulders.

“You don't know what to say?” she spat in disbelief.

Her feet unwillingly inched closer to him while he resumed packing his bags. His masculine scent invaded her senses. Sky took a brief look at him and wondered where did the man she married vanish to. This wasn’t the person who she had taken vowels with. This was a stranger who was virtually ripping her heart from her chest.

“After all the support, all the years of funding your many careers, you're really going to end it like this? Can you really look at yourself like a man and say that you handled your wife with care?” she quizzed with pain evident in her voice.

Khan diverted his eyes all around the room while ignoring Sky’s question. He didn’t even have enough decency to look her in the eyes and be genuine with her.

“I've always loved you, Sky,” he mumbled still not giving her any eye contact.

She scoffed and walked out of the bedroom. She couldn’t stand the sight of him. If Khan wanted to leave, she wasn’t going to beg him to stay. Truthfully he had been a liability more than an asset to her. Sky walked into her living room and plopped down on her sofa.

This has to be the second worst day of my life.

Her almond shaped eyes cast down at the shiny hardwood floors. Her shoulders felt like they weighed over a ton. Her spirit was broken and she was mentally wounded. She had lost in the game of love and it pained her to the core. Sky had felt deep within her soul that she was losing Khan. The late nights of him coming in, the early mornings of him leaving made her suspicions grow. She had a feeling that it was someone else in the picture and when she would question him, he gave her nothing. Now that her woman’s intuition was confirmed, Sky wished that somehow she could rewind the last twenty minutes of her life and opt out of knowing about his infidelity.

Suddenly, her front door opened and her sister, Finesse, stalked inside. She held a box of garbage bags and her hair was pulled into a ponytail. Finesse took one look at Sky and nodded.

“Don't worry, sis, we’re about to get his bum ass out of here. Where is he?” she ranted.

Before Sky could answer her, Khan strolled out into the hallway with his luggage in tow.

“Make sure you got all of your shit because your out-of-work ass will not be coming back here,” Finesse barked.

Khan waved his hand dismissively and gave Sky direct eye contact. “Sky, I'm going to come back later for the rest of my things.”

“Oh hell no!” Finesse blared. “You're about to get all your shit out of my sister’s house. You're not about to play that game with her so let’s get it. Get all of this Salvation Army shit and go.”

Khan rolled his beady eyes and pointed his thumb at Finesse. “Sky, can you tell your sister to stay out of our shit? I’ll come back later for the rest,” he spoke with finality.

“No,” Sky shot up to her feet. “She’s right. You need to get everything now. I don't want a trace of you left in my house.”

“Damn, it’s like that?” he asked visibly taken aback by Sky’s stance.

“You got damn right,” Finesse interjected. “The fuck you think this is. Now let me go get this shit that’s probably only worth ten dollars.”

Finesse grabbed one of the garbage bags and flung her arms. The bag ballooned right away as she stuck her hand inside to ensure that it was all the way opened. Without saying a word, Finesse proceeded to Sky’s bedroom.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Khan muttered, combing his face with his hands.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Yeah, you're right, but I wasn’t the one that made it this way. You made your choice, so now you're going to have to deal with it.”

Sky stared at him with so much intensity that she felt her eyeballs drying out. Khan returned a stare but only his glare was laced with pity.

A knock at the door halted their staring match. Khan reached for the door knob and opened the door. A woman who was no taller than five feet stood with her hands tucked in her pockets. Her hair was natural and styled in a twist out. Her skin was the shade of cinnamon with a couple blemishes decorating her face. Her teeth were undeniably big as they hovered over her bottom lip.

“What's taking you so long?” she sassed, looking directly at Khan.

“I'm coming, okay,” he said in almost a pleading manner.

Sky’s eyes grew narrow as she grimaced at Khan. “I know you didn’t bring this woman to my home?”

“She was actually supposed to be waiting in the car,” Khan huffed, giving the girl an evil eye.

“She needs to get off my property now!” Sky demanded.

Finesse appeared in the hallway dragging two full bags across the floor. She stopped next to Sky and unloosened her grip on the bags. She inspected the woman on the porched and scowled at her.

“Is this your bitch?” she questioned Khan with flared nostrils.

“This is my wife,” he corrected her.

Finesse pushed Sky and Khan out of the way so she could shuffle closer to the lady. She angrily looked down at her with her hands planted on her thick hips.

“Now normally, I would've bodied your rat ass but seeing as though you're going to take this homeless, bum ass, no-drive-having ass fuck boy off my sister’s hands, I'm going to let you live. But I will tell you something that I told the last bitch, you ain't did shit but inherit Sky’s problems. Now, I suggest you and him get the fuck on because my cousin is on her way and she doesn’t do any talking. She comes with the burner bitch. Now beat it you Lola Bunny looking hoe.”

Finesse flashed her an expression that dared her to say something back to her. The woman opened her mouth to speak but Khan quickly intervened and grabbed her arm. He practically drug her away with his luggage in tow. Sky saw that he had forgotten the bags that Finesse had packed and swiftly placed them on the porch. She didn’t want any more remnants of Khan in her home.

“And your ass is going to jail you bigamist!” Finesse yelled before she slammed the door.

Sky covered her eyes with her hands and rubbed them gently. This was her way of willing herself not to cry in front of her sister. Finesse could be cruel at times and she couldn’t take her unemotional attitude toward her during a time like this.

“Girl fuck him. Don't be sad about that bum ass nigga leaving. Shit, she did you a favor,” Finesse fumed, pacing back and forth.

“I still feel like crap, Finesse.”

“Trust me, you’ll feel better in a week once you realize that your deadbeat ass husband is finally out of your life. No more, leeching or beggin’ from his ugly ass.”

With much defeat, Sky shook her head and took a seat at her dining room table. Finesse made this entire dilemma seem so uncomplicated and it annoyed Sky immensely. She was losing her husband, her other half, not just a boyfriend and it troubled her thoroughly. Finesse didn’t know what love was and that was one of the reasons why Sky could never take advice from her.

When her front door opened, Mafia appeared with a wicked expression on her beautiful mug. She was dressed in all black with her fluffy fur coat. Her hair was styled in a blunt bob which highlighted her gorgeous cheekbones well.

“Where is he?” she demanded with her hand tucked in her purse.

Sky knew all too well that Mafia had her hand on her gun and was anxious to use it at any moment. She was a shooter who had precise aim.

“He’s gone,” Sky responded sadly.

“Yeah, I made him and his bitch leave before I whooped both of their asses,” Finesse added.

“I know he didn’t bring his little hoe over here,” Mafia quipped, making her way toward the table where Sky sat.

“She was waiting in the car and rang my doorbell,” Sky scoffed at the reverie of the scene. “He is like the worst ever. I tried to be everything he needed and he still treated me like crap.”

“Listen to me,” Mafia reached for her hand and squeezed it. “I felt the same exact way with Prentice’sbitch ass. He too use to give me his ass to kiss all the time, but leaving him was the best decision I ever made and I'm sure Khan getting married to someone is a blessing in disguise. You're in pain now but I promise you your heart will heal, Sky.”

She truly appreciated her cousin’s kind words but she was still so aggrieved at the moment. She desperately wanted to cry so she could release the emotions she had been withholding since Khan had revealed his big secret.

“Thank you, Mafia. I really value your advice but I really just want to be alone right now.”

“Are you sure?” Mafia quizzed with uncertain eyes.

“I'm positive.”

“Well, I guess my job here is done,” Finesse snapped her fingers. “Sis, call me later on, especially if that bum comes back.”

Sky nodded and watched her strut out of the front door. She turned to Mafia who was placing her purse on her shoulder.

“I’ll call and check on you later, okay?”

Sky gave her a faint smile before dipping her head. Once the door closed, tears rolled out of her eyes like a water fountain. Soft whimpers accompanied by body quivers filled her entire frame. She wanted someone to save her from the anguish that was sure to take over her life for the next coming months. She needed to fall asleep for maybe a month or two and wake up with a healed heart. Seeing as though life didn’t operate in that fashion, Sky got up from the table, walked to her bedroom, and laid down.

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