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Reconciliation (A short story)


BY: Tee

As Jasin walk in the church it immediately fell silent. This was a moment he never thought would be. It had been a few years, 5 in fact but never did he think it would come to this. Finding a space against the wall, Jasin just stood there. Staring at nothing, not saying anything. A lone tear trailed down his face as he look beyond belief. The whole scene felt like a dream he needed to wake up from. He watched as the small frame brown beauty sashayed toward him.

“Jasin its been a long time. I know what your thinking, but don't feel like you walked out on him. You and Khareem were both stubborn as fuck. It's crazy how things turned out” Tasanwhispered.

“Yea it is, this moment is unbelievable. I wanted to reach out, but you know Khareem was on some other sh-, I mean stuff. So listening was never an option.”

“Yea that day was out of control. I remember it like it was yesterday” Tasan reminisced.

5 years ago to the day exact they were at Jasin’s house for Khareem’s 27th birthday. They had been waiting on the birthday boy for 2 hours. Instead of wasting anymore time and food they started the festivities without him. The yard was packed, spades tables, dominos tables, and people being thrown in an already packed pool. Tasan had just walked passed the gate when it swung open with KhaReem and about 10 other guys savagely walking in.

“Yooo it's my muthafuckin birthday. How the fuck y'all start without the King. Tasan bring ya fat ass here with a plate. Then let me hit that for a birthday nut later,” laughing as he took a seat at the nearest table.

Khareem had been tripping lately and out right rude. His parents steered clear and he was no longer welcome in their home. Jasin didn't know why he was being such a dick but he was about to find out. He watch as one of the guys with Reem made three white lines at their table. He watched as Reem snorted those lines faster than the Indy 500. He watch as Reem walked over and started groping the ladies by the pool. Each one brushing him off. He watch as he grabbed a portion of the birthday cake with his hands. Jasin had seen enough. Putting his hand up to stop Tasan from approaching, he walked over to his best friend.

“Yo what the fuck is wrong with you? Ruining the cake Tas got and about to catch a harassment case. And when the fuck did you start snorting drugs Khareem?” Jasin fussed.

“When the fuck you start snorting drugs Khareem?” Khareem mockd as he flailed his hand in the air. “Man fuck them hoes over there. Well Mr. Perfect, with the big house, fancy car, Mr. Big Shit Scout . I'm a grown ass man who does what the fuck he wants. You've always acted like you were above me and you always shitting on me.”

“What the fuck are you talking about. Dude I just threw this big ass p-”

“Save that. This shit was for your ego. You haven't been my nigga since you got that hot shot job.”

“You know what Khareem, you had the same opp- fuck it”, Jasin inhaled. “Get your drug addicted ass the fuck out. And take the Gross sister family reunion with you.”

Tasan tried to intervene “Guys wait hold up, maybe you two should talk inside, see what the issue is and squash it. Y’all know this is some bullshit.”

“I'm cool with that if he is,” Jasin conceded.

“Man fuck all that. But Tas you gone come let me put that pussy on my nightstand and be yodeadbeat baby daddy,” Reem chuckled as he back up to exit out the gate.

“That night I wanted to kill him Jasin, he was so disrespectful. It took everything in me not to tackle and beat the shit out his high ass. I kept in touch even though he was a dick. Drugs and jealousy have a way of bringing out the worst in others. Khareem went through a lot after that. He started counselling and reconciled with his parents. He even found love, but I think there was still a part of him missing” Tasan stated.

“Well the nigga ignored me and blocked me. I had my own life to deal with and I only chase paper. Granted our friendship started from the sandbox, but sometimes you have to let them go. I thought he would reach out one day, but life happens. It was hard because we were like brothers, And this I-,”

Jasin looked back toward the front of the room. The wall was no longer able to hold him up any more. He walked toward the front and placed his hand on the shoulder of the body.

“Reem it's been a long time my friend. Never did I think I would see you like this. I'm not sure what happened that night, but I should have made you stay and talk or at least punched you in your sh-, I mean chest. This moment is unbelievable, you dressed up like this about to-”

“Nigga will you shut your emotional ass up and get in line to rehearse as my best man, so I can marry the woman of my dreams,” Kahreem chuckle. “Tasan put that pussy on a nigga night stand after chasing her for two years. Look I'm sorry, we should have chopped it up like brothers. I'll admit I was jealous that life for you was good. I found myself a year after that and got rid of that negative energy. I even started a center that allows kids to express their creative minds. You should stop by and see the ideas these kids come up with. I mean by you being an Talent Scout and all. I’m sure you would enjoy finding fresh young talent. Look I could have reached out but egos are egos. With rehab and Tas been beating my head in about linking up, I knew I couldn't get through this moment without my brother” Khareem stated.

“Well I'm glad to be a part of it. Tasan gave me the rundown on you guys. She kept me updatedon everything. Damn girl will talk a whole in your head," they both chuckled.

After rehearsal Jasin and Khareem went to a bar up the street and hashed it out. Jasin showed Khareem pictures of his 1 year old triplets and fiancée. Reem showed his best friend a picture of his 5 year-old son. They had missed a lot of things over the years. They went through their entire life for the past 5 years that night. Eventually shutting the bar down promising to never let anything get in the way of friendship.

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