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Valentine’s Day with Case and Diar

Case glanced at his buzzing phone while shading in a tattoo.

“Shit,” he groaned, reading Diar’s name on the screen.

It was Valentine’s Day and he was running extremely behind on his date with her. He had promised her that he was walking out the door an hour ago, and he knew she would pissed to know that he was still working. Case reluctantly inserted his headphones into his ear and answered her call.

“I'm coming.”

“You said that an hour ago. Case, why are you playing with me?” she growled on the other end.

He chuckled. “I'm not.”

“Yes the hell you are. Wait a minute, I know I don't hear that damn tattoo gun in the background?”

“Nah, that’s my radio,” he lied.

“Oh my goodness, Case, I know you're not still at the shop. Why would you tell me to get dressed just to wait on you? I'm so damn irritated right now,” she fumed.

“A’ight my bad. I was on my way but we had a walk in. You know I gotta get this money, so I can buy you everything in those links that you send to my phone daily.”

“I ain't that damn bad,” she chuckled. “Don't be trying to use me in your shit either ‘cause I know I don't be sending you a lot.”

“Diar you know you be beggin’. You just sent me two links an hour ago. I ain't even look at the shit yet.”

She cackled. “Okay maybe I do go overboard with the beggin’ but you're my man and you're supposed to spoil me, so I don't have no shame. But back to the real shit, when are you coming? I'm about to get undressed and lay down.”

“Nah, man, I swear I'm on my way.” He turned off the tattoo gun. “I'm about to wrap his tattoo up now.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah, I'm about to leave out now.”

“Okay, I’ll see you when you get here.”


Case ended the call and wrapped his client’s new body art up. After giving him aftercare instructions and accepting his payment, Case locked up the shop and hurried home. He took a quick shower and put on some fresh clothes. He sported a black Burberry button up, black jeans and black Burberry sneakers. He brushed his waves and slipped on his watch before he jetted out the door.

Case arrived at Diar’s townhouse fairly quick since she lived ten minutes away. He used his key to let himself inside before he yelled her name.


“I'm in the living room.”

Case padded into the living room and stopped in his tracks. Diar looked stunning to him even with a pout on her face. She wore long, blonde tresses that complimented her honey complexion well. She was clad in a white off shoulder dress that stopped right at her toned calf muscles. Her winter white, ankle boots completed her perfect ensemble.

“Damn, baby, I can’t wait to eat you tonight,” he said before kissing her neck.

He peered at her with pure lust in his peepers and kissed her lips. She tried not to smile but she failed miserably.

“You get on my nerves. Had me waiting like I'm a side chick.”

Case laughed. “You know you my only. Girl stop playing with me.”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes.

“Come on and let me make it up to you.”

He grabbed her hand and the couple walked out the house. Case opened the door for Diar and rubbed his hand on her ass as she slid in the car.

She smirked. “Don't be trying to touch all on me.”

“I can do what I want. That’s my ass too.”

He shut the door and then went to hop in the driver’s side. He pulled off and drove to his destination that was sure to surprise Diar. When they pulled up in front of the building, Case shut off the engine and looked at Diar.

“Why are we here?” she asked with furrowed brows.

“I'm about to show you. Get out the car.”

The two got out and he grabbed her hand. Case led her inside the building and turned on the lights.

“Okay, Case, why are we at Asia’s photography studio?” Diar asked.

“Because I want you to have a photoshoot.” He smirked.

Diar covered her mouth and laughed. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. You’ve been talking shit about that lil’ ten pounds you gained and I wanted to make you feel beautiful.”

Her slanted eyes became misty instantly. “Aww, babe, you really make me feel special.”

He kissed her lips and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I just wanted to show you that I love every inch of your thick ass body.”

She looked down and pinched her pudgy stomach. “Even with all this?”

He slapped her hand away. “Yeah and stop doing that shit. You look good.”

Asia and Camara emerged from the office.

“Hey girl, you ready for your close up?” Asia sang.

Diar grinned. “I guess so.”

“Girl you guess?” Camara sassed. “You're about to blessed by my hands and Asia’s vision. Stop playing with us.”

Diar giggled. “Okay, I'm ready for y’all. I feel bad that y’all out here on Valentine’s Day trying to get me right.”

Asia waved her hand. “Dinero went out of town. Thank God. I get to get a break from his damn mouth.”

“And fuck Kiyan. I don't like his ass right now,” Camara sneered.

“Aye, get off my brother,” Case warned.

“Fuck him,” Camara reiterated. “Come on, Diar. Let’s get you into some banging outfits and accessories.”

Diar followed after Camara while Case took a seat next to the set.

“You're such a good man, Case. Why didn’t I meet you first?” Asia joked.

He smirked. “You better not let Dinero hear you say that.”

“I know he would try to kill me. Plus you know I'm just playing. I love my crazy ass baby.”

Case chuckled because his brother was definitely one of a kind. Thirty minutes later, Diar strutted on the set wearing a sexy black dress that laced in the front. Her busty chest was spilling out of the dress while her ass sat up like a horse. Lately, Diar had been down about her weight gain. Case thought that she was overreacting because he couldn’t really tell that she had gained any weight. He loved her body and wouldn’t want her to look any other way. Instead of telling her that she looked fine, he decided to show her.

“Okay, girl, I need you to give me sexy. Put on a show for Case,” Asia coached with her camera in her hand.

Diar glanced at Case and blew him a kiss. He pulled out his phone and recorded the session with Asia. She had about three outfit changes and she looked better with each ensemble she wore. Once the shoot was done, he could tell that Diar was slowing gaining her confidence back with the compliments Camara and Asia was giving her.

Diar hurried over to Case and sat on his lap. “Thank you for this. I really love you for making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Don't forget it a’ight.”

She pecked his lips and added a little tongue. She pulled back and asked, “Where are we going after this?”

“I wanna go eat.”


“At my house,” he smirked.

She licked her lips. “Boy, you ain't said shit let me go get dressed.”

She hopped off his lap and ran to the back. Case couldn’t wait to get her home because he was going to devour every part of her thick frame.

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