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Short Story Friday

“Man, shut up with yo uglass.” Kyree told his childhood best friend, Jade.

They always go back and forth when link up.

“You’re just jealous you ain’t my man.” Ol’ Iiiiiii wanna be yo ass nigga.”

Kyree looked up at Jade and shook his head. He has been in love with Jade since they were 8. He knew back then they were going to be together by now.

“Hellllllooooo daydreaming and I’m thinking of food ass nigga you gonna take over to my nigga house or nah?”

Kyree got up and grabbed his keys “You get on my fucking nerves always tryna play me like you don’t want me”.

“You know you like my style” as he brushed his shoulders, did a little spin and popped his collar. As soon as he made eye contact with Jade they bust out laughing.

“Man you stupid. You know how I feel about us. I don’t want to ruin us. You’re my best friend. I don’t want to hurt you.” Jade said as she looked at Kyree.

She grabbed his hand and kissed it. “You treating me like I’m some fragile ass bitch.” Kyree said as he snatched his hand from Jade’s. “Grab ya shit and let’s roll.”

Jade grabbed her purse and jacket, I’m just trying to save you.” She mumbled to herself. .... “Babe, I’m home. Jade said as she laid her jacket across the dining room chair.

As she walked down the hall, she sniffed the air. “Mannn i know this mother fucker ain’t smoking that bullshit in this house”. She whispered to herself.

As she ventured farther down the hall she heard yelling and banging from her bedroom. “Mannnn, this the shit I’m talking about as she neared her bedroom door.


She watched in embarrassment as she saw her man of three years sweat, jump and bang around their room high off of PCP.

“Ken what the fuck are you talking about?I told you the last time you came in here high I wasn’t going to deal with this shit!” As she clapped her hands to emphasize her point.

“But yo, I’m not even high!” As he looked her into her eyes.

“NIGGA YOUR PUPILS ARE MOVING NINETY FIVE MILES PER HOUR I’m so sick of this shit! I give you chance after chance to prove to me you deserve me and look what you do each and every time!” Jade yelled to Ken.

Ken looked at Jade like she was crazy. “Hoe, I know you ain’t talking to me.” he said as he stepped closer to his girlfriend. “ Cause if you knew better you wouldn’t play with me, especially when your precious Kyree’s life is in the palm of my hands.” He said as he stared at Jade evilly.

She quickly looked down at their carpet and slowly raised her head. As she moved her curly wild mane out her face she stepped around Ken to walk to their master bathroom. Ken chuckled sounding like the devil himself

“Yea bitch you better walk away, talking to me like you crazy. You think I don’t know you be with that nigga, think I’on know how y’all be looking at each other, talking bout y’all best friends. Yea, best friends that’s fucking. I ain’t stupid whore.” He yelled while pacing across their bedroom.

Jade sat on the toilet with her head in her hand. “What the fuck am I gonna do? I have to fix this. I have to tell Kyree.” She said to herself. She reached in her back pocket and grabbed her phone as Ken blasted “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Schmurda. She shook her head, and called Kyree. On the third ring he picked up.

“Yuurrrrr uglass lil girl. Tf you want?”

“Ree, you have to listen to me and listen to me good okay?”

“Hold on, ayo Shad turn that down real quick.” Kyree said to his homeboy that was chilling with him. He got up and went to the bathroom to listen to her in private. “Aight yo, what’s up you sounding all serious so I know this must be good”.

Jade sighed into the phone. “Remember that lick you and Haddy did?” She didn’t give Kyree a chance to answer as she blurted out “Well the person you stole from is Mandalay.”

It was silent on the other end for what seemed like an eternity. “Kyree? Ky? REE?!” Jade yelled into the phone.

“Yeah, yeah my bad Jade you said it was who’s?” Kyree ran his hand down his face while his mind raced.

“Mandalay.” Jade replied.

“Mannnn, say how you know?”He asked Jade with a voice full of anxiety.

“Because my man is his hitman.”

“WHAT?!” Kyree screamed into his phone. “WHAT THE FUCK YO! WHY YOU AINT TELL ME!?” Kyree yelled into the phone.

“Kyree stop fucking yelling at me! I didn’t know until 2 weeks ago when he came home angry yelling and shit about his boss breathing down his back about finding out who robbed him. They found the picture of me and you when we went to Walmart the night we saw that white guy stealing sneakers and strawberries on the floor of the trap house. You kept my part and I kept yours. But, he seen your tattoo on hand. Then he seen you a couple days later and seen the tat. He put two and two together and well, you know.”

Kyree sighed into the phone. “Damn man. What am I gonna do?”

“I don’t know but you gotta stay hidden or else he’s going to kill you.” Jade said. “He threatens me with that everyday. That’s why I can’t be with you.”


“I gotta go.” Jade rushed off the phone Just as Ken opened the door.

“I wasn’t talking to nobody with yo high ass. I was singing.”

“Well unless that song sound like a twenty minute conversation about you telling your precious Kyree that he’s just another nigga on my hit list I think you’re lying.” Ken said as he moved closer to Jade.

The look on his face was unreadable. Jade didn’t know if he was mad or what as she backed up. But, she knew she had to think fast before he does it what she thinks he’s going to do. As she stepped closer to him his lips formed a snarl. Jade stretched her hands out surrendering.

“Baby no, I wasn’t talking I was singing.” She said as a smile crossed her lips.

Ken’s emotions, thoughts and reactions were all over the place due to him smoking that dipper earlier. “Babe- before she can get the next sentence out Ken punched her dead in her throat.

“Bitch I know you fucking lying!” He yelled as Jade choked and gasped for air. He grabbed her by her curly hair and dragged her back to the room and threw her on the bed. Ken climbed on top of Jade and smacked her repeatedly in her face.

“KENNETH STOP I WASNT TALKING TO ANYONE!” Jade screamed as she blocked as many slaps as she could.

She hated when he got like this because he was so unpredictable, but one thing was sure he would find any reason to beat her fucking ass.

“You think I’m dumb baby girl?” Ken said breaking Jade from her thoughts.

Leaning his face towards hers he asks her the same question over and over again while biting her face.

“Please Ken stop I’ll be good I promise.”

He leaned up and slapped her one more time for good measure. “Damn right you’ll be good cause you’re about to become an accessory my love.” He said as he gently touched her face.

“What, are you talking about?” Jade asked.

He climbed off of Jade and sparked another dipper blowing the smoke in her face. “You see bitch, you’re gonna bring Kyree’s bitch ass to me and you’re gonna watch me chop his fucking skinny ass, tatted up ass hands off for touching and taking shit that doesn’t belong to him. Then, I’m going slit his fucking throat cause isn’t that the “savage” thing to do?” He chuckled.

Ken stared at his girl and yelled “CALL HIM!”

Jade stared at Ken with tears in her eyes. “I can’t do that, don’t make me do that please.” She cried.

Ken grabbed her face and squeezed it. “You love him more than me?” HUH? ANSWER ME Jadelyn.”

Calling her by her first name so she knows she can’t lie. So she opted not to answer. Plucking his ash in her eye he pulls her up by her hair and yells for her to call Kyree.

“Disrespectful ass hoe” he mumbled to himself as he watched her dial Kyree’s number. “Put it on speaker and don’t try no funny shit. Ken said as he grabbed his gun out the drawer and played with the safety.

“Hello. Kyree it’s Jade. What are you doing?”

“Bitch this ain’t no time for no social call!” Ken harshly whispered.

Jade cleared her throat. “Kyree can you come see me ASAP it’s about us.”

“Is he there? Kyree asked.

“No. He’s not here.” Jade regretfully replied. The deadly lie tasted like blood on her tongue. “Bet. I’m on my way” ........ Kyree arrived at Jade’s house in 45 mins. “I don’t know why she moved all the fucking way out here. All these fucking trees. Got me feeling like there’s KKK niggas hiding out between bushes just waiting to hang my ass.” He said to himself.

He rang the doorbell and Jade immediately answered the door with a face cleansing mask on to hide the marks.

“Come in.” Jade said as she opened the door wider to let him in. “Have a seat.” Jade said. “Man wtf is up with you? Your vibe is all wrong. Just as Jade was about to open her mouth Ken walked out wearing nothing but boxers, socks and a AK-47.

“What the hell is going on between these streets and my home?” Ken sang in the melody of the Ronald Isley and R. Kelly’s hit as he chuckled and held a PCP dipped cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Jade rolled her eyes and then looked at Kyree and mouthed “I’m sorry.”

She couldn’t even look at him. She was feeling ashamed and shady. Two things that never described her.

Ken raised his gun and said “Nigga I know it was you that hit Mandalay’s trap. Ol dusty low income ass nigga. Always around my bitch acting like y’all friends. You gay nigga? Nevermind don’t even answer that. You got any last words witcho Jordan Peele looking ass?”

Jade attempted to walk away. Ken grabbed her and threw her on her couch.

“Lil baby that don’t listen where do you think you’re going?”

“I was just going to go lay down.” Jade whispered.

“Nahhh you sit ya too legit to quit ass down” Ken stated. He turned to face Kyree. “Don’t be looking at MY bitch! She’s MINE!” Kyree looked at Jade and winked his eye.

He looked at Ken and said “Suck my dick you bald head, bean pie eating bitchhhhh”! Yea I stole from ya faggot ass boss. The fuck, how you think ya bitch got all those new clothes and shit? We know ya cheap, couponing ass ain’t buy them!” Kyree screamed.

“If you’re gonna pull the trigg-“ Kyree didn’t even get to finish his statement before he was pumped with bullets. Jade jumped from the couch and tried to run away but, Ken grabbed her foot and dragged her back to him.

“Where do you think you’re going!?” He yelled in Jade’s face. He cocked his gun and said “Why Jade? Why did you make me do this?” Before Jade could answer she heard..................................................................RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG Okay, class that’s it for today. Don’t forget homework is due on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend

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