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Crime Of Passion

By: Tee

“Kaysen do you know why you're here.”

“That's a great question. Why the fuck am I here? Also whose clothes are these? I'm all for fashion forward but this jumpsuit is ugly and it's teal” Kaysen complained with an eye roll.

“Do you remember what happened the night of 12/16/2017?”

“Ummm, that was the night my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. His mother showed up with a Grizzly bear cocked to the side on top of her head that night too. She will not go to a salon for shit. The woman is a sweetheart, but a God awful dresser. So anyway Doc, we had such a wonderful time th-"

“Kaysen, I need you to focus. I want you to clear your mind and really go back to that night.” Dr. Belcher made a few notes on her pad and focused back on Kaysen. “Now Kaysen is that really what happened.”

“But it is” there was 10 second pause. “So after the party, my husband took me home stripped me butt ass naked and we fucked well into the morning” Kaysen laughed.

Dr. Belcher facial expression remained stoic. She jotted down a few more notes as Kaysen laid back with a twisted smile. She'd been working with Kaysen for about 6 months now. Externally Kaysen was a ray of sunshine, but inside a complete hellion.

9 A.M. 3 Months Earlier

“Daniel, honey what are you doing tonight?”

“You, if you act right” Daniel smirked.

Daniel and Kaysen have been together since college. Both graduating at the top of their classes. Kaysen works for the DOD as independent contractor and Daniel was as Civil Engineer for the City. No kids but that was a project they had been working on for the past few months.

“Well sweetheart as much as I would love for you to drop those drawers, I have meetings all day and project I need to complete. This contract is taking up more of my time than it should, but duty calls” Kaysen huffed as she went to take a shower.

Thankfully Daniel was secure in his marriage and understood the type of work his wife did was time consuming. One of the reason he married her was because of her leadership. He knew how important her position was and he respected it. Kaysen on the other hand hated for him to work for the city. She knew he deserved better but soon all that would be washed once his company was up and running. This was just another obstacle they were going to get over and build up from.

8:45 P.M. The Office

“Shiitttt right there. Don't move” Kaysen moaned.

“You mean right here" Lenz smirked as he rocked inside of Kaysen’s pussy.

Wait, baby that's my spot, I'm about to cuuu..uumm” Kaysen yelled as he fluids cover the desk. “Damn, that was good.”

“You know we have to stop doing this at some point right. I mean my wife is starting to get irritated about these late nights. Last week I went home to a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. And she wore a Tiger print onesie to bed.”

“Oh shit, not a onesie. Why does that matter though? You like flexing in this” Kaysen pointed to her center. “Beside the more you flex the better your benefit. You shouldn't be given my dick away anyway” Kaysen shrugged.

Lenz face twisted as he continued getting dressed. He saw the evil look from Kaysen as he sat back down in the desk opposite the sound proof project room. As usual Kaysen remain naked as she completed her outlines. Lenz wasn't quite sure but he knew that Kaysen was a bit off.

Lenz walked in the house just a little after 11:30 p.m. His wife was in the room knocked out. He took a quick shower and slid in beside her. Kelly popped her eyes open just to be sure it wasn't a stranger next to her. She then rolled completely over falling back in a deep slumber. Lenz knew that sleeping with Kaysen was getting out of hand. It seemed as though every week there was a late night “project,” which Kelly found strange since his position didn't require much. Lenz had explain this was his way of moving up.

Lenz knew that sex was out of the question so he did the next best thing. He knew Kelly love head, so he slipped under the covers, parting open her legs. Only for Kelly to close her legs and kick him on the floor.

12:30 A.M.

*Glass Breaking*

Lenz jumped from the bed when he heard the noise in the distance. He was wide awake anyway since his wife dissed him.

“What the fuck was that, baby?”

“I don't know but don't move.”

“I'm not about to sit here, I'm coming with you,” Kelly whispered a little shook.

Lenz walk to the front of the house but didn't see anything. He went to the kitchen only to find Kaysen sitting at the kitchen table staring at them. She didn't say anything just continued to eat the bowl of cereal she’d made. Right beside her were broken plates and glasses, a wedding giftset Lenz and Kelly had received.

“Kaysen,” Kelly yelled. “Bitch why are you in my house. Lenz call the police.”

“No, no he doesn't want to do that now do you baby. I mean all those long nights of passionate fucking. You would never let the best that you ever happen get locked away, would you?!” Kaysen all but screamed. “Now Kelly you look smart, you didn't really think the coffee boy was just grinding beans at night now did you"

Lenz had this sudden look of fear in his eyes. For one he never thought his wife would find out and two he didn't think Kaysen would show up to his home.

“How do you know where I live Kaysen?” Lenz asked.

“I followed you, duh. Fuck kind of question is that. I even watched as you tried to eat this bitch pussy. I told you at the office not to be giving my dick. Kelly can you excuse us?”

“BITCH!” Kelly all but yelled as she lunged at Kaysen.

Kaysen politely move to her left as she watched Kelly tumble and hit the edge of the glass table. Lenz went to run to her side but the warm steel on the side of his head stopped him. He knew at this moment he'd fucked up. He watched as his wife’s blood trickled down her head as she slowly went in and out consciousness.

“She needs help Kaysen”

“Fuck her. I told you what it was before. Now I have these text messages that you invited me over here and then I get attacked and you defending her. I came to fuck not babysit this bitch. Look when we finish you can take her to where ever.”

“The fuck, I didn't text your looney toon ass. Look this is going to far I need to get her some help. So either kill us both or get the fuck on"


Pop! Pop! Pop!

“Ma'am are you ok. What happened here? Look we need you to put the gun and the knife down. Everything is going to be ok"

Kaysen dropped the weapons and the officers grab her before she could fall. They saw the blood on her naked body where she had been laid out on Lenz’s body. His pants were down with a condom wrapped around his dick.

“Can you tell us what happened?”

“ Yes”

Kaysen told the officers that she was invited over for a night of healing. What she didn’t know was the man was married. She said while they were fucking the woman attacked her. She did what she had to do defend herself. She showed officers her phone to see the message and pictures he had sent her.

Kaysen sat in the interrogation room for hours. She was thrown a series of questions. Text message from both devices were read. Something wasn’t adding up and Kaysen’s behavior and the way she would stare off with a slick grin had them second guessing her mental. After a few more Kaysen was arrested. She fought like hell as they carried her off to her new home.


6 O’Clock Evening News

Tonight we bring one of the most gruesome stories we've seen in this area thus far. Officers say for the last 3 months several murders have taken place in the area, but never anything of this caliber. Each individual killed in the same manner. The male having a heart sketch on his chest, while the female had a knife wedged into her private area. Jodie what makes it even more disturbing is this note officers found with claims of several encounters with the gentlemen. The couple in this case have been identified as Lenzel and Kelly Copperton. Officers have given the deaths a signature calling them A Crime of Passion.

“Ahhhhhhh, nooo, noooo, I'm sorry. I didn’t mean it. Daniel I’m sorry, baby"

“Kaysen baby wake up.” Daniel had this weird look in his eyes. “Baby, do you need to see a shrink?”

“No, I’m fine. I just keep having these crazy ass dreams. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I should write it all down and figure it out later.” Kaysen shrugged and laidback down.

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