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Sneak peek resend 🙂

I had to resend because I had technical difficulties yesterday...

Sneak peek (unedited)

“This is all bad, Kenzo,” Dell nagged, pacing back and forth.

Kenzo sat in his seat, watching his uncle sweat profusely with one hand planted on his forehead and the other on hip. Kenzo, Dell, Bully, and Bam were all posted at his condo, trying to wrap their mind around the unforgiving deed that Kenzo had committed.

“We have to move Raelyn from the hospital. She can’t be there because they will come after her and kill her,” Dell panicked.

“I’ll take care of that,” Bam volunteered, walking out of the living room.

Dell halted his pacing and planted his hands flatly on the dining room table. “Kenzo, what made you do this? Do you know that they will come after all of us? Why would you shoot Money out of all people? I assumed you would handle this in a much more mature way than this. My God, Kenzo, this is really bad.”

Instantly, Kenzo’s bushy brows crinkled as his coal-like eyes shot daggers. “What the fuck you mean why I did it? She ordered the hit on Raelyn so I had to do what I had to do. Correct me if I'm wrong, ain't you the same person that told me I had to handle this? Now why the fuck you acting like I did something wrong when I finally got some shit done?”

“Yeah, you did tell him to handle it,” Bully chimed in, confirming Kenzo’s story.

“I mean, I thought you would talk to her, not try to kill her!” Dell barked. “You really think what you did was smart?!”

Kenzo shot from his seat and barged into Dell’s personal space. “Mothafucka, who you think you hollerin’ at?”

Dell briefly closed his eyes as he exhaled a deep breath. “My bad nephew. I'm just stressed about all of this. We can’t afford a war with those crazy-ass DuPont women. They won’t stop until we’re all dead.”

Kenzo scoffed. “You need to stop being a bitch. You told me to handle it and I did. Now you acting all scary and shit like you don't know how the game goes. I stood up for my sister, and if I gotta go out behind that, then so be it.”

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