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The Black Effect

Hello gals. I just wanted to give you a peek of my first release of 2020. This will be dropping this week so get ready...


“Tell me something,” he commanded gently, swiping his thumb over my cheek.

“What?” I replied breathlessly.

“Are you attracted to me?”


“Are you interested in how I can make your life better?”

I swiftly stepped back. “Who says my life is shit?”

“Chill out, Amai. I see you have problems with listening and jumping to conclusions. You need to cut that bullshit out because it’s shows immaturity. By the way, how old are you?”

I smirked. “Seventeen.”

He cackled loudly, his Adam’s apple bouncing with each chuckle. “Stop lying.”

“Okay… I'm twenty-five. How old are you?”

“Thirty. Is that too old for you?”


Nadir nodded and licked his lips. “Stop fighting it, Amai. I really believe we can be something great. If anything, I just want you to be honest with yourself. Tell me that you don’t feel what I'm feeling. If you don’t, then I’ll leave you alone forever.”

I chewed on my inner cheek, not liking the sound of that. Yes, my resistance was hard, but that was because what I was feeling for Nadir terrified me. I had never been so smitten with a man that I barely knew, especially one in a union like his. Was I interested? Yes, but I couldn’t get past his lifestyle to save my life.

“I like you, Nadir. I really do but…”

“But you don’t like what I come with, right?”

I nodded, finding it difficult to put into words. "It's a lot to take in."

He shook his head. "Not really."

"Are you serious? Do you not see the way you live?"

Nadir grabbed my wrists and pulled me to his chest. He gazed into my eyes before gracing my forehead with the sweetest kiss I’d ever received. After that, he stepped back and left the room without giving me another glance. I was instantly confused by his abrupt departure but knew that it was for the best. Nothing good would come out of us being together and I was aware of that. So, I quietly left the party and decided it was best to move on with my life .

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