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It's a collaboration! This is a first for me and it was so much fun. Get ready for the rowdiest set of characters that me and Dominique have ever penned. Yadi's Tale is up first and then Uno's will follow. I can't wait for you all to meet The Burner Boyz. They are sure to be a gang you won't forget. Both books will drop next week, so like I always say, prepare your hearts...

Catch the sneak peek (unedited) below 👇

For over five minutes, Sundai combed the parking lot of Omega Grille only to find herself parking on the street. She carefully pulled up to the curb and placed the car in park. Her eyes searched the area, not looking for anything in particular before grabbing her purse and got out the car. As soon as her foot stepped on the pavement, a metallic ringing sound pierced her ears, causing her to wince. The gush of wind smacked her skin as she tumbled back on the door. Her eyes caught the culprit of the sound and noticed a motorcycle speeding past her in a haste.

Sundai was immediately annoyed by the unwelcomed impact that could’ve knocked her down. Her nostrils flared while cupping her hands around her mouth.

“You fucking idiot! Watch where you're going!” she bellowed.

After rolling her eyes, she slammed the door and ambled toward the parking lot. Still a little shaken up by the vexing encounter, Sundai released a heavy sigh and tucked her straight hair behind her ear. She didn’t want to meet with her cousin frazzled by the rude cyclist that was moments away from running her over. So she got her attitude together before entering the restaurant. Seconds later, the blaring sound of the motorcycle returned, prompting her to spin around at lightning speed.

“What the…”

Words had escaped her when the man driving the bike halted right in front of her and jumped off. He advanced toward her, wearing eyes so dark they mirrored the nighttime sky. The veins on the side of his neck bulged as he stepped into Sundai’s personal space without her permission.

“What you say?” he questioned in a demanding tone.

Caught off guard, Sundai asked, “W-what?”

“You yelled something to me when I passed you. What was it?”

She glanced back as if what she’d hollered to him was literally sitting where she’d said it.

“I don’t hear you!” he barked, prompting her to snap her neck toward him.

Sundai was past uncomfortable. His icy stare felt as though it was cutting through her skin. She took a step back to place some distance between them but he continued to follow her.

“I said, uh, watch where you’re going. You almost knocked me over back there.”

He shook his head, still wearing his menacing glare. “Nah, you watch where you parking. You were in my way.”

“How is that?” she sassed, finding some confidence under her terror-stricken disposition.

“Your ass is the one parked in a no-parking zone.”

Sundai’s jaw descended as she snapped her head toward where she was park. Sure enough, there was a big no-parking sign right next to the car. Embarrassed, she turned toward the angry guy as he angled his head.

Letting out a nervous chuckle, she replied, “Oh.”

“Oh, your ass. I hope your shit gets towed. Now watch your mouth and stay outta my way.”

Without another word spoken, he stalked back to his bike, hopped on, and sped out of the parking lot. Sundai wished she hadn’t been so frozen with fear. Cursing him out would’ve been a relief since Aurora had put her in shitty mood but she didn’t want any problems. The mean mug ol’ boy was sporting displayed that he wasn’t the one to play with.


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