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Keep It Between Us 🤫

Morning Tribe,

We have a new release to rave about and I'm so excited for you all to read this. The release day will be announced soon but it will definitely be next week. Enjoy the sneak peek below and I'll talk to you soon ❣


“What the hell you got yourself into?”

Her voice was feminine and filled with all kinds of maternal sass. My eyes fell on her feet that were propped in tall heels. Her legs were thick and smooth. My vision landed on the skirt that held a shape that most girls went to the gym for. Her blouse was a blush color, which complimented her tanned skin very well. My sight finally landed on her face that was fixed in an expression of concern.

“You don’t hear me talking to you?” she sassed again.

“Fuck you want me to say?” I mumbled, turning toward the room where there was music blaring.

“Why was Pee’s crew shooting at you?”

I returned my stare on her, wishing she would stop with all this damn interrogation. I was trying to catch my breath and figure out how I was going to get back to my car without being killed. I swiftly put the gun in my waistline and covered it with my shirt and hoodie.

“I don’t know.”

Her pointy, natural lips pursed as her sepia-toned eyes scowled at me.

“You know I know that's some bullshit right? Especially since you just took a ski mask off.”

I shrugged, not giving a damn about her knowing the truth. There was too much on my mind to even try to care about her opinion.

“Come on.”

She proceeded toward the other door and I quickly rose to my feet. When we passed the threshold, loud music pierced my ears. There were some people on the dance floor grooving to the beat while people hung out at the bar, sharing conversation with one another. She guided me toward the other end of the bar and instructed me to take a seat.

“You want a drink?” she yelled over the music.

Quickly, I shook my head.

She shrugged, grabbed a bottle of Bourbon, and poured herself up a glass. A woman approached her who looked more like a man than me. Her hair was cut low with diamond earrings shining brightly from her ears. She was petite with barely any breasts and arms that were filled with artwork.

“Who is this?” she questioned, looking at me as if I had shit smeared on me.

The woman who saved me took a gulp of her drink and nodded toward me.

“I don’t know his name yet.” Her eyes found mine. “You wanna tell me?”

I shook my head. “Nah.”

She smirked. “So, I just helped you from getting a hole blown through your ass and you don’t wanna be decent and give me your name? Wow.”

“He smells like trouble,” the stud inserted.

“He is,” she confirmed.

I rose from the stool. “I’m out.” I turned and began toward the door.

“Hey, are you crazy? Those niggas are combing the block for your ass right this very second. You bet’ not walk out of here if you knew what was good for you.”

I nibbled on my inner cheek, weighing my options. If I left this place, I was certain I wouldn’t make it to my car. Putting away my stubborn attitude would probably be for the best right now. Slowly, I turned to face her. She wore a teasing smirk that made my jaw clench.

“Come on and let's go to my office. We need to figure some things out.”

My eyes drifted to the stud who was grilling me before I followed this woman down a hallway and into an office.

“Take a seat.”

I did as she ordered and watched her sit behind the desk. With more light, I was able to get a better look at her. Her facial features were a match made by God himself. I could sense she was a little older by the way she spoke to me. There was a certain maturity in her words that couldn’t be missed. Her brows were perfectly arch over her wild colored eyes. Her nose was small and tied in perfectly with her prominent cupid’s bow.

“So, let’s talk…”


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