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Mother's Day with The Blacks

My feet shuffled across the hardwood floor as I reached for the door handle. Once I opened the door, I was met with Jaide, the bitch I couldn’t stand and would never like again. She swung her waist-length box braids over her shoulder while smirking at me. I played it cool, making sure my facial expressions didn’t display my intense disdain for her.

“How can I help you?” I asked, leaning my weight on the doorway.

Jaide folded her arms over her chest and replied, “Why else would I be here? I'm here to pick up my baby.”

I glanced at my AP and then returned my stare to her. “I believe Nadir said come pick him up at five.”

“Yeah, well, I was in the neighborhood and figured I would get him now.”

I snorted. “Neighborhood? Bitch, you know you don’t know nobody over here. Stop cappin’.”

“Cappin’?” she scoffed. “I don’t have to lie to your lame-ass. We don’t even need to have this discussion.”

“You're right. We don’t, now come back when Nadir told you to.”

I closed the door but Jaide stopped me from closing it.

“Why the fuck are you being so got damn bitter? Oh, I get it, you're still mad that your hubby still reaches out to me and that the nigga you thought would be yours came running back to me. You can’t be mad that I got the juice, Amai.”

Her words burned me like a hot iron. I wanted to beat that fucking smirk off her face but I knew how to play my cards now. Showing Jade that she had gotten under my skin would be a huge no-no. Over time, Nadir had taught me to control my emotions and I was going to take his advice in this moment.

“I don’t know why you keep trying me as if I don’t have the big joker over here. You already know all I gotta say is one word and that fucking fake arrogance you have will melt away. And Canton? You bragging on him? He’s fucking weak. You wished he was an alpha like Nadir but he don’t got it. Why you think I passed the mothafucka back to you?”

The smirk she had been wearing vanished within seconds. I knew her weakness. She wished she could come back into the Black household. Jaide’s true desire was to be welcomed with opened arms and claim the spot that was once hers. But it was over for her. The money she had gotten from Nadir after their divorce wasn’t enough to mend that fucked-up spirit of hers and I knew by the expression on her face that she had come to that realization.

“Now come back at five like my husband told you to. You think your son only has you for Mother’s Day. Bitch he got two more.”

I slammed the door in her face and walked back to the dining room where we had been enjoying a Mother’s Day brunch with the kids.

“Who was that at the door?” Nadir asked, sitting at the head of the table.

“Someone selling newspapers.” I sat and resumed feeding my baby girl, Willow, who had been the light of my life.

She’d come during one of the happiest times of my life and made my existence so much better. After years of trying to get pregnant, I finally did, and was praising God every day for my bundle of joy.

“Newspaper?” Raye scrunched her face. “That's odd. How did they get past the gate?”

I shrugged without offering an explanation. Seconds later, Nadir’s phone rang. I didn’t get a chance to see the screen but I knew right away that it was Jaide. He answered and was quiet for a minute, until he said, “What… well, you came early… she told you right… I'm not about to hear this shit today… come back at five.”

When he ended the call, his sables cut at me. “Why you ain't just tell me it was Jaide?”

“Because she's a nobody.” I shrugged.

He sighed heavily. “Y'all need to get over this shit between y'all. Its making me sick,” he complained.

“Why because you're trying to get back with her?” I shot.

Raye gawked. “What? I know that can’t be true.”

“Yeah, she told me about the late night calls and meet ups. When were you going to fill us in on the set up?”

I knew I was being dramatic and adding on more than I should but I had to make sure Jaide was lying. I couldn’t fathom the thought of Nadir bringing her ass back into out circle.

He laughed. “I see you on that bullshit today. You really believe that?”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

He leaned in closer, bringing in the potent scent of his Dior Sauvage cologne. I swear, at first my love for Nadir was just surface. He was an escape from my parents and nothing more. As I thought back to our beginning, I was always drenched in guilt because he clearly loved me more than I loved him. But now, I was so deeply in love with him. Our bond had strengthen to the point that saying his name produced butterflies in my stomach. He was my husband, even though I shared him with Raye, but I was cool with that because it worked for us.

“Look me in my eyes and tell me that you believe the shit that just came out your mouth.”

We exchanged deep stares as I tried my best to hold my composure. The chemistry had always been off the charts with us. No words needed to be spoken between us. We could communicate with just our eyes alone.


He smiled, causing me to simper. “That's what I thought. Now stop playing with me.”

I glanced over at Raye, who playfully rolled her eyes. “Amai you always starting shit. You was about to make me jump on Nadir.”

I chortled. “I just had to make sure.”

“No need,” he assured me. “I got the two people I want right here.”


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