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I’m finally ready to share what I’ve been working on. This is a whole new set of characters with an appearance from one of my beloved characters. I’m hoping to release this month🤞🏾 so get ready for this rollercoaster ride 🥰

Sneak Peak (unedited):

I flagged down the bartender and ordered some water. After three drinks, I knew I had to attempt to sober up since I was a lightweight when it came to alcohol. After a few minutes, I was given my glass. I sipped while looking at the dancers twerk like professionals. My body was still warm from the encounter with O’ryan. He reminded me of how horny I’d been. With Bronx being away, I had been deprived of a good beating for my kitty. Vibrators weren’t enough. I needed the brawniness of my man diving inside the place he owned while I screamed out in pleasure.

“Hey, Yamesh.”

I turned around and was greeted with the presence of Lamia. She stood dressed in all black with her hand tucked inside her pocket. She was smiling but there was nothing genuine about it. I saw right through her.

“Lamia,” I spoke dryly.

She turned to Olori and gave her a nod, then turned her attention back on me.

“I saw you out there on the dancefloor girl. You look like you were having a great time.”

With my lips pressed together, I eyed her, wondering why she was even over here talking to me. Lamia knew I didn’t fuck with her. So, I couldn’t understand why she was standing here addressing me.

“I didn’t miss you all in another man’s face either. You allowed him to hold your hand and shit. You're really letting loose, huh?”

“Here we go,” Olori mumbled.

I stepped off the stool, trying my best to calm my raging temper. Everything about Lamia irked my nerves but now she was crossing the line.

“What the fuck you trying to say?” I asked in a cold voice.

She held her palms up, smiling. “Oh, I'm not insinuating anything. I'm just stating an observation.”

“Girl move your ass around before you get what you're asking for,” Olori shot.

“Nah sis, let me read her real quick. Did you say an observation?” I laughed. “The observation you should be worried about is the one regarding yourself. You too involved in my business and I don’t like that shit.”

“Your business?” she scoffed with her features fixed in a scowl. “You don’t have any business, Yamesh. The only business you do have is Bronx and he’s not here.”

“And he’s not your fucking business either. I know y’all been friends since y’all were teens but bitch, that's my man, not yours.”

“Hold up,” Olori interjected. “Mesh don’t let her ass get you all riled up over nothing. It’s not the time nor the place for this useless-ass conversation.”

Lamia simpered. “You're right, we don’t need to do this at a club. But I’m going to ask you to stop making Bronx look bad.”

I cocked my head. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Holding hands in the club with another man is a big no-no. Do better, Yamesh. Bronx doesn’t deserve to be embarrassed.”

I was appalled that this bitch had the audacity to tell me what to do when it came to my husband.

“You trying to get your ass beat, bitch? ‘Cause it ain't shit for me to come out of these heels and rock your ass.”

“Whoa, Whoa!” Olori yelled, getting between me and Lamia. “Mesh you can beat her ass. Just not here.”

“Her ghetto ass could never,” Lamia quipped. “All I did was give you some advice Yamesh, and because you're in the wrong, you don’t wanna take it.”

“Bitch beat it before I beat you. How does that sound? Is that some advice you're willing to take?” I fumed, waiting on her to say the wrong thing so I could lay her out.

“You know what? I'm done with this scene. You can be a fool on your own. Just don’t play my friend,” she warned, walking off.

“Oh, bitch shut up!” I yelled at her back.

“Calm down Mesh. You always let her get you riled up.”

“Fuck her.” I sat back down, hating that she had come over to ruin my mood. “I should’ve smacked that hoe for even trying to check me.”

Olori shook her head. “I'm trying to figure out why she had the balls to come over and tell you how to handle Bronx. You weren’t doing anything inappropriate. I watched you the entire time.”

“Exactly and now I have to deal with her possibly going back to Bronx and exaggerating my encounter with O’ryan.”

My night couldn’t have gotten any worse. I’d already had an argument with Bronx. Now Lamia was for certain going to make things worse between us.


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