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Omir and Bellamy ♥️

I want to start a new series that focuses on characters and their relationships. Kind of like a character spotlight if that makes sense.

First up is Omir and Bellamy.

Before I start, if you haven’t read part 2 yet, please exit now. I wouldn’t want to spoil the book for you.

Now back to Omir and Bells. The couple made great strides in EOT II but after she made the terrible decision to give into Lavon’s request, she unfortunately set her and Omir back.

One thing about Omir is that he holds his feelings close to his chest. He can’t let go of the past or his mother. He thinks not speaking about Randi displays that he’s rid himself of the pain she’s caused but it hasn’t. She’s embedded in his mind and if he doesn’t heal, she will ruin him completely.

Bellamy continues to say she doesn’t want to fix a broken man but she’s in too deep. The bond they’ve built isnt easy to walk away from. She craves Omir, especially when he pulls back from her. He doesn’t make their situation easier by withdrawing his emotions. It’s a cycle that will eventually lead to an unhealthy relationship.

When they were on good terms, their chemistry was unmatched. I truly enjoyed writing their scenes because it came to me so naturally. I never had to think too hard or experience writer’s block with these two. They were a breeze to pen.

Here are some things to consider. What does Omir need to do to let go of Randi completely?

Also, what does Bellamy have to do to make him feel safe with her?


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