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Yadi's Sneak Peek...

In preparation for Yadi's Tale which is coming sooner than you think, here is the sneak peek as well as the synopsis for you all to read. I read this book and I give it an automatic five stars. There is something about the way Dominique writes her male characters that makes me fall in love with them. So enjoy and I'll talk to you soon.

P.S. You all will meet my character, Uno, in Yadi's Tale so you're in for a treat.



“Some people look up to doctors and lawyers, but it was never like that for me. I had my family, and I had the club. All I ever wanted to be was a Burner Boy.” For Yadero life wasn’t always easy. From losing his mother at the age of three to being thrown into the foster care system he’d experienced it all. But sunny days came when he was finally adopted at the age of ten. All Yadi wanted to do was live his best life, hang with his crew and ride his bike. He didn’t have time for anything else until his amber eyes fell upon the beautiful Liberty. Liberty wasn’t as lucky as Yadi. She had a troubled childhood and a stressful life as a young adult. She didn’t have the luxury to be like every other twenty-year-old. She worked two jobs to provide for her home and also attended school full time. No sleep, long days and stress was her life until a quiet, handsome biker drove into her world. Liberty and Yadi will be faced with many outside variants that don’t want to see them together. From backstabbing, family drama and gunplay they will be pushed to the test. They can either rise up and fight for all that they can be together, or they can fold. Bike life isn’t easy and when you add rival clubs, angry women and scorn men to the life its nearly unbearable.

Welcome to the world of the Burner Boyz.


Sneak Peek

“Nigga, you better say something before my favorite bitch gets to talking to you,” Uno another well-known member of the Burner Boyz said grabbing her attention. Realizing how serious the situation was made Liberty’s stomach drop as she hid behind a large green trash can and listened in on what was happening. After watching the man that was badly beaten squirm on the ground Yadi stepped up and looked down at him with furrowed brows. He licked his thick lips and Liberty couldn’t understand how someone so handsome could be in a biker gang? “Aye, fuck all this talking. We can leave that to the hoes. Uno how much he owes us?” Yadi asked. Uno looked at the man on the ground and shook his head. “20 racks. Pope said maybe more. The nigga keeps dodging us. Even partied with the Ryders last week clearly on some fuck us type shit,” Uno replied, and Liberty’s eyes widened. She clutched her phone close to her chest while peeking at the men. She was so scared that she didn’t know what to do. For the moment she was glued to her spot. Yadi stared down at the man for a few seconds before pulling a pistol from the back of his tattered jeans. “It’s clear we got you feeling real comfortable around this bitch, and I don’t like that. Do we look like some weak ass niggas to you?” Yadi asked through gritted teeth. The man on the ground shook his head quickly. “Nah, man I swear I’ma pay Pope back!” he yelled with wide, fearful eyes. Yadi stared down at him with amusement swimming in his amber hued peepers. “Well now you have some incentive because we done let you slide one too many times.” Yadi leaned down and placed the gun towards the man’s kneecap. He shot the one on the right without blinking. Boca! And the man howled in pain so loud that Liberty could almost feel it. Yadi stood calmly and put his gun away. “It’s looking like it’s no more dancing for you. Just in case you thought you was gone hit up another party while still owing us some fucking money. The games stop today. Keep playing and the next one gone be in your skull, fuck nigga. We want our shit by the end of this week or them Ryder faggots gone be buying your momma a black dress. Now am I known for talking?” Yadi asked. The man with tears running down his face in rapid succession shook his head. “No,” he whimpered, holding his bleeding leg. Yadi patted his shoulder and showed all his bright white teeth. “Then you know I won’t hesitate to do it my nigga. We want our money by the end of the week, or it won’t be a place you can run to that I won’t find you. I’m on your ass. Let’s be up Uno.” Liberty watched Yadi and Uno climb onto their bikes and while Uno sped off the other way opposite of Liberty, Yadi surprised the shit out of her when he rode his bike her way. Liberty turned and raced to the corner. She bent it fast and slowed down her walking as her nerves were in overload. Her heart was beating so fast that she nearly fainted. Zoom Vroom Zoom Vroom The tires squealing on the blue and white Yamaha bike made her jump. She listened for the sound of him riding by to grow louder and when it didn’t her feet stopped moving. With her heart racing she slowly peered over to the street and there he was. Sitting up on his bike with no helmet, no facial expression, just amber hued brown eyes staring her way pensively. He wore all black sporting their famous Buner Boyz hoodie with black Timberlands. His presence made her heart momentarily stop pumping. “Oh my God,” she murmured, afraid to run although her mind was telling her to.


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